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20 Million Volt MultiGuard Stun Gun Alarm and Flashlight with Built in Charger Red

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Stun weapons are beneficial for men and women. With any self defence tool decision, though, consumers need to consider several factors. For some consumers, purchasing the highest power available will be important; for others, other features of the stun gun will have carry a higher value.

• 120 dB siren
• 20,000,000 volts
• nylon belt loop holster
• lifetime warranty
• built-in LED flashlight
• rubberized coating
• 7 colors/styles: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Zebra
• 4.9 milliamps
• rechargeable built in charging prongs plug right into a wall socket
• measurers 5 ¼” x 1 ¾” x 7/8”




With all stun guns, an application of shock for half a second may cause some pain while an application of one or two seconds will cause muscle confusion and spasms. The assailants have been known to curl up in a fetal position with an application for five seconds.

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