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Aircraft Grade Aluminum Keychain Kubotan Blue

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The simple kubotan keychain can truly deliver awesome striking power. It looks like an eclectic key fob, however there are individuals trained to use these kubotans in unexpected ways. Held in the closed fist, for instance, it can support the bones of the hand for straight closed-fist punches.

  • ridges for a more secure grip
  • aircraft aluminum
  • solid steel key ring
  • bright color with mirror shine finish
  • slightly elevated and thick tip
  • 5.5 inch overall length




For the novice among you, the kubotan keychain can be held in the fist and then used effectively to swing keys that are attached to one end in order to deliver a devastating strike to the eyes or the face. Pretty much any place you strike with the end of the kubotan keychain is going to hurt.

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