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Black Mace® Keyguard® Mini Pepper Spray Baton

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It's recommended that anyone who is totally serious about self defense, whether it's utilizing pepper repellent spray or learning how to disable an assailant physically, consider a professional self-defense course, including a few tips and facts in the proper use of defense pepper spray.

  • a range of up to 5 feet
  • includes a key ring that can be easily attached to your house, office or car keys
  • features a hinged safety cap that flips open to reveal the actuator button
  • compact design, convenient to carry
  • 6 short bursts
  • has an orientation tab so you feel when the unit is properly aimed
  • 10% pepper spray
  • 2 colors: Black, Pink
  • 3 gram unit
  • approximately 3" long

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Most of the OC pepper sprays out there do have a shelf life of only 2-4 years. But as a conservative measure, it is absolutely wise for you to be able to replace your spray canister once it is a year old. And then you can use your old canister of pepper spray as a training device.

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