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Campfire Kit

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So we'll explore the basics of how to build a fire in survival situations. Fuel To Starting Your Survival Fire: Almost as important, a positive attitude is essential to being able to survive and make it home to your family, and a nice warm fire can be the difference between hope and despair.

• comes with tinder, kindling, a wood handled fire starter, and an instructional fire starting card set
• the wood handled fire starter used with the included tender can help start a fire even in the worst conditions
• a collection of classic fire starting necessities
• all inclusions come in a rustic burlap carrying bag




You can't have a fire without fuel. Best case scenario: you're in a wooded area full of dead, dry wood just waiting to be gathered up and turned into a roaring blaze. Standing dead timber does make the best firewood. If you aren't so lucky, remember that any items can be used to feed a fire.

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