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Stun Master Li'l Guy 12,000,000 volts Pink Stun Gun with Flashlight and Nylon Holster

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A stun gun is a highly effective personal safety tool that can be carried in almost any part of the country. How does it work in discharging voltage? When the stun device is applied to the body, an electrical circuit is formed that allows the flow of the electricity through the recipient's body.

• 12 million volts
• lifetime manufacturer warranty
• built-in retractable charger
• measuring only 3 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4"
• 120 lumen LED flashlight
• FREE nylon case
• rubberized coating for a non-slip grip
• 4.4 milliamps
• 9 colors/styles: Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Snake Skin, Animal Print, Flower Design
• heavy duty prongs that won't break




For the most part, the stun gun will provide an effective, disabling blow to almost any attacker. Indeed, the combination of physical incapacitation with the mental confusion that ensues provides the user of the stun device an excellent opportunity for escape from an attacker.

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