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Mace® Bear Spray 260 Grams

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The pepper foam self defense spray is truly great for immediate saturation and cannot be blown back to you, even on a very windy day. This defense foam spray works correctly and immediately on contact, causing your attacker to be disabled by tearing eyes and a shortness of breath.

• empty in approximately 5.4 seconds
• safe, humane pepper spray against possible bear attacks
• dimensions: 8 x 3/4 x 2
• a powerful Magnum Fogger
• sprays up to 30 feet
• 260 grams

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Foggers work better on larger animals because they provide a greater area of coverage. Keep in mind, though, that you very likely could also feel some of the effects of the pepper spray when you use a fogger, especially if you move towards the attacker or the area in which you just deployed the pepper spray.

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