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Mace® Fogger Model

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Foggers as Pepper Spray Protection: Foggers offer disbursement over a larger area, and all of them do not require pinpoint accuracy when applied. The fog will just deploy over a larger area, allowing you a greater chance of striking a blow, even if you are under extreme stress.

  • combines OC pepper with CN tear gas
  • has a UV marking dye
  • 60 gram unit
  • 18 one-second burstsfeatures a flip-top safety cap
  • compact, powerful, designed for home or automobile use
  • 10% pepper spray
  • full cone fogger
  • a range of up to 8 feet

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To be able to use a fogger, pull the trigger and spray in a fan technique. This will hit everything in the fan path. It works especially well on more than one assailant in still air because the mist will hang for several minutes. It is much easier to hit your attacker like that.

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