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Mace® Home Model

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Get away from your attacker if at all possible; pepper spray is only a deterrent, not a solution. As you back away from your assailant, you just deliver the pepper spray agent in the very direction of their face and eyes, using an approximate two to three second burst.

  • full cone fogger
  • high-powered model ideal for home, dormitories, RV's
  • has a UV marking dye
  • features a flip-top safety cap
  • combines OC pepper with CN tear gas
  • 38 one-second bursts
  • a range of up to 8 feet
  • 10% pepper spray
  • largest unit at 120 grams

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Fogger: This type of pepper spray canister is ultimately used for crowd control, multiple attackers, wild animals (such as wolves and bears) and situations where careful aim of the spray may be inhibited. Caution should be utilized since blowback (contaminating the user) is very possible.

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