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Mace® Screecher Alarm

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Crime rates all over the world have been steadily increasing through the past several years, and it is absolutely important to know the different types and features of personal alarms. Bear in mind that any attacker is less likely to hang around once you have activated your alarm for fear of being caught.

• 10 gram unit
• contains approximately 30 short blasts
• emits an ear-piercing blast readily recognized as an emergency call for help
• has a push-top activator
• convenient size for pocket or purse
• its high-pitched shriek can be heard up to 1/4 mile away

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When people turn their personal alarm on, this emits a very loud sound. This loud sound alerts everyone in the area that someone is in trouble and needs help. The sound is different from the commonly heard alerts. Small alarms do not last very long, though, since the sound quickly uses up most of the battery.

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