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Paintballs - 1000 pack

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How about paintball simplicity and maintenance? No more buying co2 cartridges, batteries for a loud paintball hopper, replacement parts for a conventional paintball gun, none of that nonsense. No moving parts to wear down and need replacing. Paintballs, pipe... Done. Need I really say more?

• for use with a blowgun
• .40 caliber paintballs
• you can load up to 20 paintballs into our blowgun's supplied tube

SKU: PB-1000



And how about when it comes to concealment. Taken down, the paintball blowgun can be held in a side pouch or within your jacket - heck, even up the forearm of your sleeve! It is silent, too. Just a millisecond of the whisper of your breath and the fwack of the paintball hitting your victim... Uh, I mean target.

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