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Paintballs - 250 pack

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Paintball blowguns are quite very augmentable with the add-ons and supports that are available, such as the rapid fire hopper just like the splatmatic. Attaching a clip to this rapid fire hopper, you then have a full magazine of 20 paintball shots per clip, with other clips held on to the barrel's quiver.

• for use with a blowgun
• you can load up to 20 paintballs into our blowgun's supplied tube
• .40 caliber paintballs

SKU: PB-250



With the regular darts, some blowguns can have ranges of up to 150 yards or so much more. Of course, just one paintball will travel far differently than one regular blowgun dart, but you can truly see and learn just how the blowgun range can be simply phenomenal for such a basic and simple weapon.

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