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Paracord Koozie Bag

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The term "paracord" is a short cut for "parachute cord" as it was originally used by the paratroopers of the United States Army during WW II. Seeing the value of this cordage, the US troops kept the cords for safekeeping in times of need. People have now made paracord bracelets for both fashion and function.

• made out of 280 pound paracord
• is a great handy bag to carry your cell phone, keys & many others
• a great accessory for the unknown circumstance!
• can be used to keep your drinks cool
• total length of cord is 108 feet
• take it to the beach or on your hike




Likewise, anyone who pursues any type of outdoor activities would be well advised to have some paracord on hand at all times, as it is as invaluable as it is versatile, in many emergency situations. And, in fact, the number of uses of this versatile cord are only limited by your imagination!

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