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Pink Color Plastic Comb Knife

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Knives are probably the earliest tools invented by people. They are tools that can be used to perform certain functions. As such, there are different kinds of knives that can be used for different purposes. There are different types known in modern times. Knives are primarily utility hand-held equipment.

• a harmless hair care accessory at first sight, this fully functional comb transforms into a knife, but not just any knife
• Plastic Comb Knife complete with window breaker/skull crusher
• the perfect concealed self-defense tool
• 6.25 inches overall length
• covert & disguised in a comb
• by taking the comb apart, you reveal a 4.25 inch blade that can deal a great amount of damage to any attacker
• legal to carry inside of nightclubs and on the street
• made from hard, strong ABS plastic




Camping or combat knives are bigger, and these are composed of very strong metal alloy. Although they are utility knives also, they are more suitable for cutting very tough objects like in the jungle. These are commonly issued to military personnel as a general purpose tool and additional weaponry.

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