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Safety Technology Credit Card Foldable Knife

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Use just plain water and dish soap on stainless steel knives. Try to avoid touching your stainless steel knife. Acid left on the blade from your fingerprint can actually stain your knife and overtime cause corrosion. Never put your knife in an automatic dishwasher as the detergent contains abrasives and salt that can cause corrosion.

• pop the blade-lock and easily fold into a usable pocket knife
• the blade is 2 3/4" long when extended
• the knife blade is discreetly hidden inside a black credit card with blade-lock
• measures 3 3/8" x 1/8" x 2 1/8" when in the credit card shape
• neatly tucked away in your wallet or coat pocket, ready when you need it
• surgically sharp, quality steel




Specialty knives are just that, for a special purpose. For example: A skinning knife is used for that purpose only. You don't want to use this knife to cut branches or use as a pry bar. You will only dull or ruin your knife altogether. Let professionals help you keep your knife in perfect condition.

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