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Sparkie Fire Starter

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Flint and Steel: This is the easiest of all the "survival" methods of building a fire, and barely qualifies as "friction based fire." All that's required is a piece of flint and a piece of high carbon steel, like your survival knife. A spark is formed through friction, by striking the steel against the flint.

• generates an intense number of sparks with minimal effort
• will generate sparks three times hotter than a normal match
• can be operated with one hand
• weighs only about 1 ounce
• a unique, patented flint-based fire starter
• will light over a hundred fires and works when wet




Place your tinder bundle to catch the sparks, and gently blow the spark to life once it catches in the tinder. If you haven't carried flint with you, then you may be lucky enough to find some around. How to start your survival fire: friction. Some YouTube videos will show you how to identify flint.

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