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Stay Safe Kit

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Backpack and knapsack meals are usually freeze-dried and will only require boiling water for anyone to ever enjoy. MRE's or "Meals Ready To Eat" are an all in one meal contained in their own individual packages. This will help to ensure that you don't rouse Sasquatch if you find yourself walking past his den.

• contains an emergency poncho, aluminum whistle, two 4" light sticks, survival blanket, survival bandana & travel pouch
• an emergency preparedness kit that provides basic essential gear needed to survive outdoors or while traveling




If you have an emergency kit or basic survival kit in position, you will already be better prepared than most people when catastrophe takes place. You should have some sort of shelter materials in your emergency kit. You can go with a small 1 person tent, or a tarp and some sturdy cord or parachute cord.

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