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Tactical Black Crown Tip Screw Cap Pen

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The pen, apparently the most popular writing device from then until now, has been used by humankind ever since time began. Just like any other object in the world, pens were subject to evolution with quill pens in 500 BC, fountain pens in 1800 AD, and ballpoint pens in 1888 AD, to the kinds we use today.

• measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"
• with refill
• has a pocket clip for easy carry
• writes well and comes with a replacement pen ink cartridge
• has a black finished ribbed aluminum body for easy grip
• with crown point tip used as a DNA catcher
• has a removable blunt tip screw cap




If you are thinking promotional pens, multifunction pens should be your natural choice. One with a screw cap is sure to be used often and by many different people as it can assist in performing many tasks. In any business, it is necessary to get your message across to many people at a reasonable price.

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