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Wire Saw

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Through the years, wire sawing has been used by all industries as an established method of cutting various materials. It is heavily used in the construction industry, walls, dams, bridges, road and highway construction, docks and marine construction rely heavily on the use of wire saws to be successful.

• cuts through logs and branches with ease
• the 21" stainless steel multi-strand cutting wire has swivel points for easy handling
• made out of stainless steel
• even a lightweight backpacker shouldn’t skip adding this to his or her pack
• is lightweight and coils to fit into small pockets
• a lightweight yet tough Wire Saw
• is ideal for a number of survival uses




The use of wire saw or wire sawing is more preferable to the use of blades in several occasions. It produce less dust or other reputed companies have the technology to use these wire saws without producing dust during the cutting compared to the use of blade, which produce a lot of dust when used.

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